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CoreD Pro Reversible Jacket - Mens

Our CoreD Pro Reversible Tracksuit Jacket is the freshest on the block. With deep rich colour, luxurious silver and tone on tone embellishments, for vibrant yet subdued branding. Offering two zip pockets on each side, ribbon cuffs, and hem. The jacket features a sagacious silver lining with a subtle hex detail meant to illuminate the bright side of life and can be worn reversible for that little extra pop when you're on top.

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Because unlike the legacy brands Nike, Adidas and Under Armour, we don’t want to dump 700,000, 500,000 and 18,500 tonnes respectively of footwear, textile and packaging waste into landfills annually. With our ‘Handmade to order’ setup, we’ll make your garments from scratch when you order. That means every item you order is unique and we won’t waste tens of thousands of tonnes of fabric making garments that might never be worn, contributing unnecessarily to climate change. With 3-week delivery, you’re making the clothing industry more accountable. Learn More

CoreD Pro Reversible Jacket - Mens

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